Creating a Listing

Every user can create up to 8 listings for services. (Note: these services are written as ‘Offered Services’ in the Terms and Conditions. Once you have created the listing, you become an ‘Offered Service Provider’ under the Terms and Conditions.)

To create a listing, you must have created an account and have logged in to your account.

  1. Tap on the New Listing tab on the top right corner.

  2. Upload Images - You can upload up to 5 images. Click on the ‘+’ icon to upload. A dialogue box will appear to inform you that you need to grant FLAIR permissions to your camera and photos library. To proceed and allow the upload or taking of photos, you will have to allow FLAIR the permissions to do so.

  3. Service Name - type the name of your service (e.g. Tuition service for primary 1 - 3, baking lessons in the East, wedding photographer)

  4. Service Category - select the type of service that best describes the service

  5. Service Type - select whether it is a lesson (where you teach someone to do something) or a service (where you perform a service for someone or make a custom product for someone).

  6. Price Estimate - indicate the estimated price of your lesson or service.

  7. Service Bio - you have up to 2048 characters. Be descriptive on your service ie price range, deals, delivery, availability, variations of services.

  8. Once you are done, tap on the Create Listing button at the bottom of the screening.

Clicking on the create listing button and it goes live on the app

Our team will be in touch with you via chat or email to do a light touch validation to help you promote your services better. If you need help with better images or content, we are happy to chip in.

We do not check for service completeness, accuracy, availability, propriety, safety, security, reliability, quality, merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, timeliness, non-infringement and other aspects of the provision of the Offered Services by any Offered Service Provider are entirely the responsibility of the Offered Service Provider.

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