Tips to Stand Out

Not sure where to start on your listing? We've got your back! Here are some tips we gathered to help you write a better and more effective listing that will have buyers coming to you.

A photo speaks a thousand words

Ensure photos listed speak about the service you are providing, be it in action or the final product. Don't use low-quality images, don't use clickbait and don't use stock images. Show the real you and your service.

Be Specific, Find your Niche

Show your talent by specifying your services, affordable price range, additional details on delivery, and customizations of your services. This description will also help buyers make a quicker decision when speaking with you as it shows your credibility.

Be alert

Buyers may be looking around for specific services, customizations and would love to interact with you in real time hence do reply them within 24 hours as that will help buyers make their decisions better.

If you need more info or help with content and images, please be in touch with the team,