Safety Tips


  1. While we all put our best foot forward, it is important not to over promise and under deliver. In the same vein, do represent what you can offer correctly. This includes having accurate photos and write-ups.

  2. There is a risk in everything in life. You can do your part to reduce your risk exposure by dealing smartly and safely. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Chatting and dealing

  1. Do not reveal your contact number and email address. Use the chat and call functions built into the app to contact one another. We will never charge for these features.

  2. Report harassment to Flair. Drop us a message using the Help function.

  3. If you are a buyer, speak to the seller of the service and ask some questions to assess his/ her ability to perform the service competently. Ask for a reasonable number of testimonials, photos, and qualifications. It also pays to be familiar with types of licenses required in the particular skill that you are intending to hire for. A simple Google search would reveal all the requirements.

  4. If you are a seller, be prepared to be able to answer and provide these testimonials, photos (of previous jobs done, and qualifications).

  5. Agree on when the monies are to be paid, how it is to be paid, and what would constitute that a job has been done successfully. In some cases, milestone payments are helpful.

  6. You might want to consider arranging for a quick meet in person if the job involved is a large one. Nothing beats seeing and hearing a person face to face.

  7. Don’t rush into the commitment. Commit only when you are assured that the other party is able to keep his part of the bargain.

Meeting for the Service

  1. Opt to meet in a neutral place if there is an option to do so. For example, if you are teaching tuition, alternatives to a home would be at the void deck, at a study corner, at the community centre, etc.

  1. If you have to meet in a non-neutral place (e.g buyer's home), and this advice applies to both parties, then give a call to a trusted friend or family member with the full details of the address when you reach the place. When you are done, give a call to the friend or family member to inform them that you are safe.

  2. If you are visiting someone's house, you can request that the doors be kept open for your comfort. Likewise, if you are being visited at your home, we would advise that you keep the doors open too.

After Service Provision

There is no obligation for you to provide your personal contact information to the other party, and we recommend that you do not. You can continue to use the built-in chat functions to contact one another.

Other Tips

Insurance: we would advise that you consider buying insurance to cover the risk that you would face. Speak to your insurance adviser for a risk assessment.

In the event of a dispute

  1. Report the dispute to Flair. Flair promises to investigate the matter in a reasonable amount of time. While we are unable to provide any compensation (as we do not charge any fees and we do not guarantee the quality or outcome of any service or the reliability of any seller), in the event that our investigation finds a certain party at fault, we may suspend or terminate the user’s account.

  2. In Singapore, lodging a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal offers you a potential recourse. The link here provides information on how to lodge a claim:

Other resources:

The FLAIR blog. Our blog is super regularly updated with pro-tips for freelancers as well as people looking to engage a freelancer.

Case. Case provides lots of information on its website, including guides on what to look out for when buying a product or service, where to obtain recourse, etc.

NTUC FSE. NTUC FSE is the union for freelancers and the self-employed. You can reach out to them at if you need any help.

Ministry of Manpower. The MOM provides information on labour laws on its website. Do read their website at or contact them if you need more information on labour policies and labour laws.

Thanks for reading this article. We’d like to invite you to drop us a note at to provide your feedback, comments, or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.