Types of Prohibited Services

You are allowed to use FLAIR to list services that comply with and do not contravene any law (including those related to employment, taxation, safety, hygiene) of the Republic of Singapore.

The list below outlines the services (some of which may not be illegal) but run counter to the type of community that we seek to build on Flair.

  • Arms and Explosives related services

  • Adult services (including but not limited to social escorting, prostitution, adult live chat, adult pay per view, dating, mail order brides)

  • Essay mills (including homework services)

  • House to house and street collection of money or donations

  • Unlicensed health care, nursing, midwifery, optometry, dentistry, allied health, medical and TCM services

  • Unlicensed financial services

  • Services that promote hate or violence to specific individuals or groups of people

  • Services relating to illegal drugs or pseudo pharmaceuticals

  • Services promoting, seeking, or purporting to help with illegal or unlawful activities

  • Unlicensed security and private investigation services

  • Pharmacy, drugs prescription or dispensary

  • Home massage, spa, and therapy services

  • Moneylending (including but not limited to legal moneylending, illegal moneylending, loan-sharking, debt recovery)

  • Multi-level marketing (including pyramid marketing, network selling, referral marketing, get rich quick schemes)

  • Gambling (including but not limited to lotteries, auctions, internet gaming, games of chance, sweepstakes, sports forecasting and odds-making, sports leagues with cash prices)

This list may change at any time and at Flair’s discretion.

Notwithstanding the list above, FLAIR may at any time and at its own discretion remove any listings which it deems to be counter to the objectives and spirit of FLAIR.