Life on Auto: Best To-do Apps


We can't deny that life in Singapore is overwhelming. The never-ending to-dos, the need to catch up, the stress to fulfill responsibilities and the pressure to do well. And amidst juggling our social life, time for ourselves and work... there isn't much time left but that's not the worst. The worst is when we FORGET what we have to do! But you see, here's where technology comes into play.

Not all of us can afford a PA (Personal Assistant) but we can definitely afford a free App to save us~



#1: Wunderlist
Wunderlist is top on MANY charts and lists for to-do apps simply because of its simplicity. It's straightforward to use as a to-do list, with free backgrounds and a function for sharing it with others. Its ability to set time-based tasks, assign people to tasks and leave comments gives it an edge over ToDoist — which is still extremely popular for its own merits too!



#2: ToDoist
ToDoist is pretty much the gamified version of Wunderlist, with an almost cult-like following! It is straightforward and clean, allowing you to create projects and sub-groups with to-dos. It has the same strengths as Wunderlist, allowing you to set schedules, assign people, leave comments and even prioritise tasks! Unfortunately, some of these overlapping functions are not free on ToDoist, so look around and see what you prefer.

Available on all platforms.



#3: is the cleaner cooler brother of ToDoist, known for its "Moments" feature that gently but firmly encourages you to review your daily tasks — this ensures a productive day ahead! And not to mention... hint hint... reviewing ahead to set up daily tasks and goals is what many successful people do to stay ahead of the game.

Available on all platforms.



#4: Google Keep
Joining in on the ever-expanding, ever so life improving set of Google products is Google Keep. Aiming to be our go-to to-do and life notes Apps, you can save reminders in both text and images, arranged in any order you prefer, with time-based reminders for yourself. Though it's slightly underwhelming in contrast to other strong competitors in this space, it's a definite addition for you Google fans!

Available on all platforms.


#5: Reminders
Last of all, it's our reliable in-phone Reminders App. Whether on iOS or Android, the in-phone App is possibly the closest thing to a personal PA. It might be simplistic in its features and functions but we LOVE the fact that you can simply tell SIRI "Remind me: doctor's appointment, tomorrow, 1pm" and it'll pop in a reminder that'll appear on your lockscreen the next day at 1pm. How easy is that?

There might not be the perfect App out there but there are surely plenty that'll make life so much easier for us. Till then!

Chun Mun Hong