Moving the discussion away from price


Once again, it’s not just about the money. As the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. And the surest way to getting an offer in peanuts (even if you are not a monkey), is to focus the discussion onprice.

As a competent and qualified freelancer, what you want to do is to get potential customers to focus on the value that you bring to the table, rather than the price that you will be charging. Getting into a price war is unadvisable and it is avoidable — there are many ways to shift the conversation away from price.

The key is differentiation. And taking the case of a tuition teacher, here's how you can differentiate yourself in this billion dollar industry.


#1: Amp up your profile with key information
Believe me, your profile counts. BIG TIME. Some of the key information that you should highlight are:

  • Whether you are NIE-trained — there’s a big difference in terms of what you can charge.
  • If you were previously a school teacher, include which school you were teaching at and the subjects and the level that you taught.

  • You'd also want to include the length of time you have been teaching at a school, or as a tutor.


#2: Show your track record (aka good testimonies of your service)
If you’ve kept a record of how well your students have done after receiving guidance from you, now’s the time to show it. Results speak the loudest!

Showing clear improvements in student’s performance (with the evidence to back it up) is perhaps the most powerful data point which parents will consider when choosing a tuition teacher.


#3: Be specific with your service niche or market
Don’t be a jack of all trades. Focus on the one or two subjects that you are most comfortable with, can do a great job with, and have a clear track record of excelling in.

Be specific about the level of education you are targetting. After all, it can range all the way from primary to university level.


#4: Use great content
How you present yourself has a direct correlation in terms of how successful you will be in your marketing efforts. According to our research, most buyers make buying decisions based on the photos and videos that they see.

So, if you are a tuition teacher, use lots of photos of yourself in action. Even better, take a short video of yourself in action in class, ideally explaining a very difficult subject concept. Explain it clearly and concisely. This is the proof of the pudding — whether you can communicate the key points across.


#5: Offer a trial lesson
Alternatively, offer a trial lesson. You can give a slight discount off your regular rate or make it free for a stipulated duration. This will enable both parties to have a sense as to whether or not they'd like to proceed with a longer-term arrangement.

There are many ways in which you can differentiate yourself from competitors and the possibilities are infinite! Get your creative juices crackin' and consider your potential customer's frame of mind as they decide between different service providers.

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