The Morning Myth


We hear of many successful entrepreneurs and people in general talking about their morning routines... And it's quite the pain for us to rise early but what exactly is it that makes it such a go-to routine? And does it actually add to your success?

Let's start with what they usually do in the morning. Gym, meditate, journal, set goals for the day, plan out their day. And what do these add up to?


Essentially, the morning routine is a way to ensure that we have fixed sleep schedule (aka sleeping earlier because you’ve got to be up early the next day). This is important because we often neglect giving ourselves enough rest and unsurprisingly, discipline in the area of sleep is sorely lacking in Singapore. Think about it, without a fixed time to wake up by, we often fail to discipline ourselves to get the sleep we need. And this adds up especially when we have nights out with friends! So rest up, you’ll need it to excel in the day.


Clearing your mind
A common trend we noticed from gymming, meditating and even journaling is that it CLEARS YOUR MIND. In fact, we know of famous CEOs who choose to sit down with a pen and paper and just writing out everything that's on their mind. And the purpose of doing so is to allow yourself to have clear headspace so you can focus on the right things for the rest of the day. Apart from this, it helps you connect with yourself by drawing self-awareness to your physical, mental and emotional well-being for that day, allowing you space to manage and balance your emotions and your thoughts for the rest of the day.

Not to mention, it DOES help when it’s so much quieter in the morning. Some peace before the bustle.


Setting up your vision
Many also make use of the morning to set out goals or objectives for the day and planning out their day. This helps to sort out what you want to achieve for the day, before the bustle of the day sets in and before you get too busy to realise what’s a priority or what’s not, so that you can maximise efficiency and effectiveness for the day.

Setting up your focus and vision for the rest of the day helps in guiding your decision-making throughout the day. Kevin Kruse, author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, focuses on his 3 big goal areas “Health, Wealth, Love”, using these as a guide to the way he interacts with his environment and people for the rest of the day.

However, many people also believe that mornings should be as easy on the brain as possible aka no “brain-draining” activities! So it might be even better for you to plan out your to-dos and priorities the night before so once you’re up, you can re-align with your vision and jump directly on the wagon and get going with your to-dos.


In Conclusion...
The morning routine IS a great way to implement some order in our lives, especially in the area of resting. What makes it so effective for people, is perhaps the mix of the quiet you get in the morning, the early morning drill of going through tasks single-mindedly and the opportunity it gives you to re-align your thoughts and focus on what you want to achieve in the day. In the lead-up, because you’ve rested enough and felt like you’ve had time for yourself, it’s unsurprising if you go about the day with more focus and clarity. This directly contributes back to your ability to be more productive and hence, having a more fulfilling day! 

Waking up early is definitely quite the punch in the gut but try it for a week or so. You might just surprise yourself :)

Chun Mun Hong