How to reset a bad day at work

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It's inevitable to run into a bad day at work. And often not, a single bad day becomes DAYS, then WEEKS. It’s time to stop the bad days from getting to you and here’s what you can do.

#1: Process it
Take a moment to evaluate what happened. Try to pick out what went wrong, what possibly caused the conflict or resulted in the incident, and come up with ways to avoid future run-ins with the same issue. If the key cause of unhappiness is out of your control, think of how you can better curate your reactions and responses in future. 

If you can’t change it, change your attitude
— Maya Angelou

But if you really need somebody to talk to, head straight to a trusted friend. And we recommend someone who isn’t from the same workplace—as talking to co-workers may get you deeper into office politics than you realise.

#2: Let it out
If you really can't seem to get through it, don’t keep it in. Write it down in your personal journal, type it out on your personal blog, rant about it to your inner circle’s WhatsApp group, tell your Instagram Close Friends, whatever helps!

And after that, come up with a plan of action to move forward from the unhappy incident.

#3: Treat yourself!
We don’t have to say much about this :) Whether it’s chocolate, a quick coffee run, a good lunch, or a quick social media or YouTube break, give yourself a short treat to get over this hump.

#4: Give yourself a pep talk
We sometimes just need a good dose of encouragement, so feed your soul and self-confidence today! It’s as simple as repeating to yourself or even looking at yourself in the mirror and reminding yourself.

Go old school with adjectives and action phrases you need and assure yourself, “I am strong, I am capable, I will move pass <the incident> and it will be a good day!”

#5: Affirm yourself for what you've achieved so far
We tend to forget to give ourselves the credit we deserve, and what more when we aren’t recognised for our hard work? So think about all the things you've done well, pat yourself on the back and cut yourself some slack.

And if you haven't heard it from anyone, here's from us to you.

You've been doing great, and you're going to be fine :) 

So don't let anything get you down.

Chun Mun Hong